Thanks 2016

I always wanted to write something for this new blog setup. So I thought writing off 2016 is a good choice.

My 2016 started with full of uncertainties, but it turns out to be 1 of my greatest year ever. And there are many reasons to believe that 2017 will be even better.

Having said that, 2016 didn't treat me well without throwing me a lot of challenges, downs and ups.

During the first half of 2016, everything seems going downward spiral for me. Business revenue shrinking, ideas did not work out, plans did not work accordingly, and screwed up my new venture.

Only until May, things started to turned into opposite direction, to upward spiral.

These are some of my highlights of 2016

  • Moved back into original house after 1 full year of renovation
  • Started IT solution business (A business that I always been interested but did not have enough gut to start)
  • Managing a 6 figures stock market portfolio
  • Organised 2nd company trip
  • Taken in 2nd batch of internship
  • Recognised plenty of young talent in IT
  • Get connected to some industry leader
  • Found some badminton kakis
  • Got the key of my first house
  • Finally picked up 奇门遁甲 (Yeah it's the real art used by 诸葛亮)
  • Got more spiritual (That may not be what you think)

2016 really taught me a lot in all aspect.

And because of the lessons I learnt in 2016, you may now look for me if you need:

  • an IT solution, cloud, software, internet related (
  • investment advises
  • to know your destiny & answers to your questions

Thus, stepping into 2017, my 4th year of self employed journey, I believed it will be even better.

Remember to FOCUS, focus on what you want to be in 2017. The lesson of 2017.

Chow Yao Fong

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Kuala Lumpur

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